Thursday, 25 July 2024

Custodian Bank

    • ♦ Application documents for an approval of Custodian Bank

    •   - Law on Securities No. 21 /NA, dated 10 December 2012 ( article 80 ) as the following:

        1.   1. An application pursuant to the form of the Lao Securities Commission (LSC);
        2.   2. A resolution of a board of directors’ meeting;
        3.   3. Copies of an enterprise registration certificate and by-laws of the bank;
        4.   4. Audited financial statements for the past three years or from the date of incorporation.

        5.      In addition, there shall be additional supporting documents as stipulated in The Regulation on Custodian Bank No. 010/LSC, dated 07 May 2014 ( article 5 ) as the following:

        6.   1. A proposal for operate a custodian bank;
        7.   2. An organizational structure of custodian division together with the definition of roles, rights
        8.      and duties of its division;
        9.   3. A definition of roles, rights and duties of related sectors within custodian division;
        10.   4. Regulation and guide book of custodian division;
        11.   5. A curriculum vitae, educational certificates, experiences, training and a certificate of criminal
        12.      record not exceeding 3 months of board of directors and related employees of custodian
        13.      division;
        14.   6. Other documents as stipulated by the Lao Securities Commission (LSC).