Sunday, 22 September 2019

Right Offering

  1. Criteria for Right Offering Issuance
  1. The company must satisfy all below requirements in order to conduct right offering, they are
  2. 1.

    Having a plan for right offering and use of capital received from the right offering which approved by general shareholder’s meeting;

    1. The certificate of preparedness for right offering from securities firm (finance advisor) with the name list of financial advisors​​;
    1. The company must inter into underwriting contract with underwriter;

    1. Complete the right offering plan, business plan and at least 3 years future projected financial cash flow since the right offering process completion and must be approved by BOD;
    1. Other criteria and conditions as stipulated by the LSCO.

  1. Right offering related application documents
  1. The right offering related application shall include the following document:
  2. 1. An application form of RO as defined by the Office;

    Resolutions of the General Shareholder’s Meeting approving the plan for right offering and use of capital received from that offering;
    1. The list of shareholders who hold portion of company’s share equal to or greater than 1%;
    1. The certificate of preparedness for offering from securities company;
    Plan for right offering and 3 years future business plan and financial forecasting;
    1. The prospectus;
    Contract with underwriter;
    8. Other documents as specified by the LSCO.
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