Tuesday, 15 October 2019

Lao Securities Commission Office (LSCO)

The Lao Securities Commission Office (LSCO) was establish under Decision of SC No. 006/SEC, dated 08 July 2010.

The LSCO shall be the advisor of the SC for conducting securities activities as centralized macro-management and securities market in order to compliance with party policies, Socio-Economic Development Plan, the laws and regulations and also can be linked to international. The main duties of LSCO are consisting as:

-To study and drafting regulations relating to securities activities to propose to the SC for approve;
  • -To supervise securities offering of companies for fundraising in business expansion throughout the country and oversea;
  • -To supervise an establishment and running business of securities intermediary such as: security companies, external audit companies.
  • -To monitors and supervise operation of securities market and securities depository center;
  • -To conduct advertising and disseminating relating to securities activities to market participants and general public;
  • -To cooperate with foreign authorities relating to securities activities.

LSCO organization structure